Gunda Werner, Nikita Katsuba und Miriam Zimmer

Fakten zum Nihil-Obstat-Verfahren, in: Herder Korrespondenz Spezial "Theologie. Warum das Fach Zukunft hat", 2024, 14-16.

Gunda Werner und Julia Enxing

in: Gregor Maria Hoff und Julia Knop, Konstruierte Schöpfung. Ein theologisches Motiv auf dem Prüfstand, (QD 334), Freiburg u.a. 2024, 292-308.

Gunda Werner

This book explores how Judith Butler’s work on gender and the shaping of the human subject and Michel Foucault's notion of parrhesia, ‘speaking the truth’, can be made fruitful for a theology of freedom. The volume illustrates the importance of three concepts - freedom, gender (body) and power (critique) - and how this triad provides the foundational categories and structural elements of a theology of freedom ...

Gunda Werner
Gunda Werner

in: Religions  14/11 (2023) 1391. (

Knowledge production is by no means neutral; it perpetuates existing presuppositions and exclusions. Within Catholic theology, this is accentuated by particular structures and institutions. In this article, I will show that exclusions are not changed by simply ‘adding women’. I will proceed in four steps: First, I will examine the epistemic preconditions of knowledge production. Second, ...


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